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Miami, Florida

About Me

Ray Vega

I was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. (April of 1970) With a prior career as a Software & Computers Global Networks developer. Fluent in English and Español with over 20 years of experience in Real Estate, Marketing and Finances.  Realtor, Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker, Life Member of the American Association of Individual Investors. 

My Philosophy:  Be loyal and believe in human interaction. Be honest.

A clear vision of business + excellence in service = success!

The Why

It feels great impacting people’s life for good. Helping to accomplish a dream. Maybe the investment that will help you get the extra income when you retire. You do good, and people will never forget how you helped them save time and money. That personal touch, That's the vision of my Company — what sets me apart from the big Corporations. People should always come first. That is Human sympathy.

My specialities

Residential, Commercial, Business, Crowdfunding Investments, Marine (Boat Slips, Docks, Marinas & Boat Yards Nationwide and The Caribbean). Sale & Lease.


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I would love to hear from you. Better yet, woud you like to meet up over a cup of cofee?

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